42 Luxe halfleder overslagdozen, met materiaalmonsters voor

The Miss Margaret Sidney Davies complete collection of special Gregynog Bindings.

The original Gregynog Press produced 42 books under its own imprint. Margaret Sidney Davies (1884-1963), co-founder and -owner of the Press, had a complete set of these books in special bindings mostly designed and/or executed by Gregynog's binder, George Fisher. Entries are extensive and detailed: for ex., no.19, Milton's Comus with engravings by Blair Hughes-Stanton (who in this case also designed the binding), gives title and colophon collation and indicates contents and typography, ornamentation, paper, printing history and information, and discusses the binding in a page-length paragraph; a following 6-page section entitled "background" discusses the coming of B. Hughes-Stanton to Gregynog and the design of the book, concluding with two pages of notes. There are four full-page colour illustrations, making in total an entry of 18 pages. Front matter covers the history of the press, and the catalogue concludes with a census of complete sets of Gregynog special bindings, a bibliography, and index.

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